Design principle of mobile mixing plant

Design principle of mobile mixing plant

The mobile mixing plant, based on the operating principle of the ordinary concrete mixing plant, carries out a unique and ingenious structural design of the equipment, which will constitute the weighing system, mixing system, conveying system, control system and material storage system of the complete mixing plant. Designed on a trailer unit, the mixing station can be moved at any time by the towing of the trailer, so the site can be flexibly transferred and the installation is simple, and the production can be started when the destination is reached.

The YHZS mobile mixing plants currently launched mainly include YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS60, YHZS75, YHZS90, YHZS120.

Today, we will explain to you: the performance and design principle of the mobile mixing plant

1. The performance of mobile mixing plant

The mobile mixing plant also adopts JS series twin-shaft forced concrete mixer, PLD series aggregate batching machine, and is equipped with a fully automatic control system. The entire production process can be controlled through the control room and operating table, and the production efficiency is fixed with the same model. There is no difference in mixing plant.

2. Function of mobile mixing plant

For dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete can complete good mixing. The weighing is accurate and reliable, the mixing is even and efficient, the conveying is fast and clean, easy to operate, easy to move, and safe and reliable for supporting and hanging. It is the best model for mobile construction of highways, bridges, ports, hydropower and other projects.

3. Design principle of mobile mixing plant

The working principle, production process, operation mode, maintenance and repair of YHZS mobile concrete mixing plant and fixed mixing plant are exactly the same. They also have a fully automatic control system, and on this basis, they also have a small footprint and are flexible. It is easy to move, disassemble and assemble, and is convenient for storage and management. It is especially suitable for construction units from some roads, railways, ports, bridges, hydropower and other engineering projects.

In addition, compared with stationary concrete mixing plant equipment, mobile mixing plant has the advantages of convenient disassembly and assembly and convenient movement. With its special structure design, in addition to cement bins, screw conveyors, etc., other parts can be run directly on the trailer. Each disassembly and assembly only needs 30 tons of crane to cooperate, which can be completed quickly. During installation, only the ground is required to be flat and strong, and no foundation is required, and it can be put into production quickly.

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