Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Plant a driver for social development

Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Plant a driver for social development

Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Plant a driver for social development. With the continuous development of urban economy, the process of urban reconstruction and road reconstruction, more and more construction waste, invariably become a “stumbling block” to hinder urban construction, in order to get rid of construction waste, mobile construction waste crushing plant was born, set construction waste receiving, crushing, transmission, treatment, reprocessing and other process equipment The Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Plant is a powerful mobile production line that combines different equipment into a single unit to process construction waste for multiple needs.


Working Principle of Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Plant

First of all, the construction waste to be crushed is evenly put into the mobile construction waste crushing plant by the vibrating feeder, in which the construction waste is made into raw materials by mechanical extrusion and splitting; the crushed materials are sent to the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor through the iron remover; the crushed materials are screened into 3 kinds of materials by the vibrating screen: 0-10mm materials are sent to the finished product by the belt conveyor. The material is sent by belt conveyor to the finished product yard. Wood and other debris are transported to the scrap yard via the belt conveyor. The larger materials are returned via the belt conveyor to the special waste crusher for re-crushing.

Mobile construction waste crushing plant classification

Mobile construction waste crushing plant includes primary crushing plant and secondary crushing and screening plant, tape conveyor, etc. All levels of crushing plant take on different responsibilities and are an independent working unit. According to the different production process can be divided into crawler mobile type and tyre mobile type. In addition, crawler and tyre mobile construction waste crushing plants can be divided into other categories of crushing plants, for example, crawler can be divided into standard and closed-circuit type, click combination and secondary group number, tyre type can also be so can be divided into four categories.

Application advantages of mobile construction waste crushing plant

  • High flexibility

The design of the whole machine is flexible and mobile, with high strength, low specific pressure, good passability and good adaptability to mountains and wetlands, saving time for quick access to the site and facilitating access to reasonable areas for construction, providing more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration for the overall crushing process.It can be driven to the crushing site to carry out construction waste treatment work, eliminating the intermediate link of transporting materials away from the site and then crushing them, facilitating the dispersal of materials in a large area and greatly reducing the cost of transporting materials. In addition, the extension unit can directly send the crushed materials into the transfer truck box bucket, turn away from the site, can directly select the site, directly drive to the site, without transport, directly to the finished product size.

  • Flexible configuration

The configuration of mobile crushing plant is flexible: cone crusher mobile crushing plant, impact crusher mobile crushing plant, heavy hammer box mobile crushing plant, impact mobile crushing plant, etc. The type and size of stone materials are different, and different mobile crushing plants are required for different stone materials. In terms of structural design, mobile crushing plant is feeder and crushing equipment, belt machine, vibrating screen at the same time in the production line, vehicle-mounted motor and control box integration, to achieve automatic crushing production operations, stationed in the workplace quickly and conveniently crushing efficiency is higher, the economic benefits are obvious. Mobile crushing plant process configuration is flexible, to meet the user mobile crushing, mobile screening and other requirements, so that the material flow more directly and effectively, the cost will be reduced to very low.

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