Conditions for Production of Quality Concrete

Conditions for Production of Quality Concrete

With swift development of buildings and transportation system, market demands for concrete become bigger and bigger. Many investors want to benefit from this opportunity by investing in concrete mixer machines and concrete mixing plants. However, some of them have forwarded for a wrong direction by reducing concrete quality. Inferior concrete does great harm to projects, and it’s wiser to maintain long term cooperation with your clients by providing top quality concrete. Then what conditions are there for production of quality concrete?

1. Choose concrete mixer machines of good quality

The property of a concrete mixer machine greatly effects concrete quality. Therefore, you should put quality at the top priority while selecting a mixer. If your have insufficient budget, you may want to invest in portable concrete mixers of small capacity, but if you care little about money, JS mixers of larger capacity and concrete mixing scope would bring in more benefit for you.

2. Choose suitable raw materials

Raw materials prove to be an essential element impacting concrete quality. You should have strict inspection of each type of raw material before putting them into use. Specifically you should follow the following advice. First, concrete of the same brand and series must go through a sampling inspection and be discarded in case of quality problems. Second, sand and gravels, especially aggregates, must be clear of contaminants influencing concrete quality in both delivery and storage processes. Third, coal ash should also have a sampling inspection. Additives must be selected in accordance with concrete property and construction requirements. If there’s no inspection device for water at hand, tap water is the best choice.

3. Keep strict control of mixing time

It’s misleading that the longer is the mixing time, the better quality the concrete is of. The time period should be decided by concrete models, and the concrete mixer machine must be stopped precisely on time.

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