Concrete Production Technology

Concrete Production Technology

The production of concrete using various technologies is a promising area of activity, given the growing demand for modern building materials. Despite the constant development of this industry, the main processes remain: the dosage of the components and their mixing.

Concrete production technology involves the use of batchers, including those with automatic control, which are able to more accurately measure the required volume of substances. Modern equipment samples are distinguished by high speed of operation, while they are designed for a large number of cycles. The concrete mixer is another integral part of the production cycle. In production, as a rule, units of continuous and periodic action are installed.

Features of concrete production technology

Several types of concrete mixers are used for the production of concrete. Compulsory mixing equipment is a drum, inside which there is a shaft with blades. The technique of this type is actively used in technologies for the production of hard and viscous concrete.

Concrete mixers with gravitational mixing work according to the following scheme: the concrete mass rises to a height, from where it involuntarily falls. The volume of drums of such models ranges from 300 to 5000 liters of dry matter without water.

The concrete production technology provides for a variable mixing duration, which directly depends on the plasticity of the mass. The higher this indicator, the less time it takes to mix the concrete mass. The same applies to the volume of the mixed components.

Progressive technologies of the production process

High-grade Concrete  is very popular on the construction market. The production technology requires the use of advanced equipment, in which, in addition to mixing, vibration load is also applied. The technological process contributes to a tighter binding of particles of substances to each other, which achieves a high rigidity of the product. 

An important stage in the technology is also the transportation of finished products, for which belt conveyors, self-propelled carts, concrete dispensers are used. These and many other types of equipment are presented in the catalog of the YCZG company. The range includes models of various modifications, which allows equipping enterprises of various capacities. A wide range of models makes it possible to organize a high-performance complex that will meet the advanced industry standards. Excellent prices, qualified consultations, as well as minimum lead times are guaranteed to all customers!

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