Concrete mixer price in Ethiopia

Concrete mixer price in Ethiopia

This article briefly introduces the price of concrete mixers in Ethiopia.

The full name of the 500 type mixer is JS500 type concrete mixing. It refers to the double shaft forced mixer with a capacity of 0.5 cubic meters. It uses hopper feeding and is widely used in various small concrete mixing plants, brick factories, small PC component factories and other fields. . Many customers are asking us for the price of the 500-type concrete mixer. They also ask why the price gap between different manufacturers is so large. In order to prevent you from being deceived by bad manufacturers, this article introduces you to the characteristics and approximate prices of the Great Wall Construction Machinery 500 mixer.

The Great Wall Construction Machine 500 mixer has high mixing efficiency, and the fastest mixing can be completed in 20 seconds. The mixer has its own legs, modular design, easy transportation and quick installation. High-quality processing technology, the core components are fully automatic welded by robots to ensure the system. Rugged and durable, the service life is more than 30% higher than the previous generation; rich processing experience, the Great Wall Construction Machinery has produced the first JS500 mixer since the 1990s, and currently delivers more than 600 mixers of 500 type, which is widely loved by the market. Thicker materials to ensure a more durable system, not just the 500-type mixer, all of our products insist on using materials that are more generous than most of our peers, whether it is a cylinder, a liner or a stirring blade.

The price of the 500 type mixer is currently between 22,000 and 30,000 yuan. The specific price is related to the manufacturer, delivery time, labor cost, etc. You can contact us to obtain the latest 500 type mixer price of Great Wall Construction Machinery. In addition, we also have a complete set of mixing machines such as batching machines and cement silos. Choosing the Great Wall Construction Machinery is to choose a better quality product and better service, contact us and get a quote immediately!

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