Concrete Batching Plants: Ready Mix vs Central Mix

Concrete Batching Plants: Ready Mix vs Central Mix

A concrete mixing plant is also known as a batching plant is a plant that mixes several ingredients and aggregates to form the ready mixed concrete which is used widely in construction. Generally, there are two types of concrete batching plants:

Ready-mix concrete batching plant

All the ingredients required to form the concrete are combined except water. Water is added when the transmixer delivers the mixture to the site. By this method, concrete will be fresh by the time it is being used. Transmixer is a truck that has a drum behind it, the combination is poured to this drum and the drum rotates at different speeds.

While the transmixer delivers the combination, the speed of the drum should be set on low or medium to mix the combination thoroughly before adding water. Mixing the combination is also possible in the construction site. If you want to mix it in the site you should mix if for five minutes before adding water.

Central-mix concrete batching plant

This type of concrete plant mixes all the ingredients including water and forms the ready mixed concrete before pouring it into the drum of the transmixer. The transmixer only needs to agitate the concrete while delivering it to the construction site to keep the concrete fresh.

Which batching plant is the best

It depends on your preference and distance of the batching plant from your job site. Ready-mix concrete plants are perfect when the batching plant is far away from the job site. In this way, you can make sure to have fresh concrete on your site. On the other hand, if there is a batching plant close to your site the central-mix concrete plant is the best choice. These concrete batching plants produce more high-quality concrete as well because the amount of water for the mixture is added automatically.

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