Concrete Batching Plant for Sale Tanzania

Concrete Batching Plant for Sale Tanzania

In 2019, we have sold a concrete batching plant to Tanzania, a Italian-owned construction company who bought it. That concrete batching plant produce 25 to 35 cubic meters of concrete per hour, So far, it has been running for more than 8 months, everything is going well.

As we know, Tanzania’s economy is active and there is a great demand for concrete in various construction projects. For some medium and large projects, it is very cost-effective to buy a batching plant because it's very expensive to buy concrete from other companies.

Concrete Batching Plant Capacity

We YCZG Machinery offer Concrete Batching Plant from 25 to 120 m³ per hour. In Tanzania market, the popular capacity is 25, 35 and 50 cubic meters per hour. Capacity is the main technical specifications of a concrete batching plant, mean how many volume of concrete produce per hour. It should be noted that the actual production capacity of the batching plant maybe small than the manufacturer claims, becasue the actual production environment is more complicated.

Concrete Batching Plant Price

It is a frequently asked question. In fact, We provide users with very competitive equipment, for example, the smallest concrete batching plant without cement silos of is about 26,000 US dollar, sometime we offer discount.

Concrete Batching Plant Types

Different manufacturers have different classification methods for equipment, generally, concrete batching plants include stationary concrete batching plant and mobile concrete batching plant, stationary batching plant can be divided into skip type batching plant and belt type batching plant.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant use as a permanent or long-term facility, have higher production capacity and more stable operation, While Mobile Concrete Batching Plant usually used by short-term projects. Skip type batching plant for small projects and belt type batching plant for big projects.

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