Concrete Batching Plant for Roller Compacted Concrete

Concrete Batching Plant for Roller Compacted Concrete

Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is a relatively stiffer hydraulic cement concrete mixture than regular concrete when fresh. Similar to regular concrete, RCC is a mixture of aggregate, cementitious materials, and water, but it is placed using asphalt pavers and compacted by vibratory rollers, and it hardens into concrete. RCC contains a low amount of water, exhibits no slump, and requires asphalt paving equipment for placement rather than expensive slip-form paving equipment. It does not contain reinforcement, tie-bars, or dowels. RCC can be placed and opened to traffic in a short period of time.

Why Common Batching Plant Can Not Produce Roller Compacted Concrete

  1. The water content of roller compacted concrete is very low and it is very dry. It is difficult for traditional concrete mixers to mix these raw materials sufficiently in short time.
  2. RCC is generally used in roads and water conservancy projects, and has a high demand for production volume. It is difficult for traditional batching plants to achieve such a high production capacity.

YCZG Concrete Batching Plant for RCC

YCZG is committed to providing cost-effective concrete production solutions, we have special equipment to meet the production requirements of various mixing ratios. For Roller-compacted concrete, We recommend our continuous mixing plant. It is designed for producing of a large volume of dry concrete in a short time and has been verified in multiple projects around the world.

RCC Batching Plant Price

We offer stationary and mobile type rcc batching plants, statioanry type capacity from 200 to 800 ton per hour, mobile type capacity from 200 to 400  ton per hour, each model of rcc batching plants have many optional component, we need to contact with you to calculate the price. So, Please leave your requirements to us, you will get a best price in 24 hours.

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