Concrete Batching Plant for Block Factory

Concrete Batching Plant for Block Factory

Block is an important modern building material that can be composed of different materials and made through the steps of batching, mixing and moulding. The material of the block is composed of clay, cement, cinder, stone, etc. According to different composition and application, the block is divided into concrete block, concrete brick, cinder block, paving stone, etc. They can be produced in same factory, just need to change the mold.

Nowadays, Many entities are in the business of producing blocks. It turns out that this is a profitable business.

YCZG offers concrete blocks machine as well as the concrete batching plant and work with our customers to build their own block factory.

Concrete Batching Plant for Block Factory

Concrete Batching Plant is a very important part of block factory, which includes concrete mixer, aggregate batcher, cement silos and control system. YCZG had provided more than 100 units batching plant for block factories in the past 5 years. All of our batching plants are specially optimized for brick factories to enhance their working performance. Currently, we have customer cases in China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Peru, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Oman, Tanzania, Nigeria and many other countries around the world.

Vibration press for Block Factory

It is also known as the brick making machine, which main function is to use different molds to press the material into block through a hydraulic device. Like the batching plant, the vibrating press is an essential equipment in the block factory.

Other Machines for Block Factory

Automatic palletizers, forklifts, loaders, etc. We cooperate with suppliers to provide customers with these equipments.

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YCZG is a veteran machinery manufacturer that produces concrete mixing plants, brick production plants, crushers, etc. You are most welcome to contact us for more information and quotation at any time.

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