Concrete Batching Plant Brands in Africa

Concrete Batching Plant Brands in Africa

Concrete batching plant is a necessary equipment for producing high-quality concrete, In recent years, due to rapid infrastructure development in Africa, the market demand for concrete has been rising. It is very important for investors to choose a suitable brand of concrete batching plant.Here, I'd like to introduce YCZG's concrete batching plant brand "Miao Yan".

Miao Yan Brand Small Concrete Batching Plant

One of the most popular concrete mixing plant models in the African market, capacity from 15 to 90 m3 per hour. It occupies a small area and can be installed in as little as 2 days at the fastest. Able to operate normally in the harshest working environment. In the case of limited budget, you can reduce the configure to achieve the purpose of reducing investment costs.

Miao Yan Brand Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Although in most cases we do not recommend the use of mobile batching plants(Because of its high price and long installation time in africa), mobile batching plant are still being asked by many customers. YCZG's Miao Yan Brand Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is for temporary works, many Equipment leasing company buy Miao Yan Brand Mobile Concrete Batching Plant for rent.

Miao Yan Mobile Batching Plants have the capacity from 20 to 120 m³ per hour, fully automatic, can be moved by trailer.

Concrete Batching Plants for Sale

As one of the first to enter the African market and most experienced concrete batching plant manufacturer, YCZG's batching plants in operation in Africa more than 100 units. Our Concrete batching plant sold most counties in Africa include South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ethiopia, etc.

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