Concept of High-Quality Fibre Concrete in Concrete Batching Plants

Concept of High-Quality Fibre Concrete in Concrete Batching Plants

Use of Compact Concrete Batching Plants is common in the construction industry but today we are going to talk on the high fibre concrete concept. When it comes to producing high fibre concrete then we can say that this is not a difficult task for you when you are applying the right streamline process. Maybe you don’t know about the difference between common concrete or fibre concrete? Don’t worry here we also tell you about the exact definition of fibre concrete through which you can understand why this type of material is important for the special projects. Fibre concrete means hard concrete or concrete in which components or raw material addictive are used appropriately. Some special type of projects such as bridges, roads, and railway projects required Fibre Concrete and that's why producing fibre concrete is important.

Use High-Quality Material and Constant Composition

Both are the most vital aspect when you need to produce high-quality fibre based concrete for your project. When we talk on the maximum aggregate size for the high fibre content then we can say that it is around 9 to 10 mm. If you don’t follow this pattern then you may face problems in the larger size grains in the nozzle. The cement amount is also playing a vital role in the Fibre based concrete and you can also take this as 500 kg/m3. You can also use peculiar binders to replace some of the cement in this process like micro-silica or limestone powder. Both are the ideal replacement of cement.

Why Fibre with Concrete Used in Projects?

Well, there is a robust reason to do this and the reason is fibre with concrete is mainly defined reinforcement to prevent damage and crack in the hardened concrete to improve the resistance against fire. Concrete will be able to stay in a strong position to walls and ceilings when the accelerator speeds up the solidification. Now the question arises in our mind why Fibre concrete required for the Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Well, good quality fibre concrete is mainly creating demands on the batching plant. The manufacturing process has required the accurate working dosing equipment and weighting system with the standard dosing deviation (from batch to batch). The high variations in the number of binders are mainly depending on the top variation in the number of aggregates which must require the demand for water in a mixture. The next important thing in the manufacturing or construction process is measuring accurate aggregate moisture.


Therefore, this is the basic concept of high-quality fibre concrete in Concrete Batching Plants.

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