Common trouble shooting and maintenance of cement silo

Common trouble shooting and maintenance of cement silo

1. Dust collector

1.1 The dust collector filter should be cleaned every 3 months;

1.2 The dust collector should be turned on during each ashing process;

1.3 After each dusting operation, the dust collector should be turned on for 3 to 5 minutes to blow back or shake off the floating dust on the dust collector filter element;

1.4 The motor and circuit of the dust collector should be overhauled every 6 months;

2.Safety valve

2.1 Cause of ash spraying of safety valve 1: The dust collector vibrator does not work, the filter element is blocked by floating dust, check whether the dust collector is turned on; check the dust collector vibration motor and working circuit;

2.2 Safety valve ash spraying cause 2: The valve plate of the safety valve is stuck, and the valve plate cannot be automatically closed and sealed under normal pressure; remove the safety valve top cover to check whether there is foreign matter on the valve plate of the safety valve or manually press the valve plate to check whether it is active Free, check whether the nut of the pressure spring of the safety valve is loose;

3.Level gauge

3.1 The feeding level meter should be turned on at the time of ashing. When the warning light alarms, the ashing should be stopped in time to prevent explosion accidents.

3.2 The unloading level meter should always be turned on when unloading, and it should be ashed in time when the warning light alarms, so as not to affect production;

3.3 Check the level gauge circuit and rotating motor every 6 months;

4. Arch breaking device

4.1 When unloading, the solenoid valve of the air breaker of the arch breaker should be opened to prevent the powder in the silo from arching and affecting the discharge;

4.2 When the arch breaker is opened and the discharging is still not smooth, check whether the solenoid valve is operating normally and whether the gas path is damaged;

5.Butterfly valve

5.1 After the butterfly valve is installed, the drive handle should be rotated to ensure the smooth opening of the butterfly valve plate, and to avoid affecting the production because the butterfly valve cannot be opened.

5.2 Butterfly valve cannot be opened Cause 1: Because there are uncleaned welding slag, welding knobs or other raised foreign objects at the material outlet of the silo or the screw inlet of the screw machine, you can adjust the direction of the butterfly valve to avoid foreign objects. You can grind off foreign objects;

5.3 The butterfly valve cannot be opened Cause 2: The powder is partially agglomerated, and the agglomeration is blocking the valve plate. At this time, the cement agglomeration should be broken up in time;

6.silo seal

6.1 After the silo is hoisted, the bolts at the silo cover and cone shall be spot-checked at least 20% to ensure that all the bolts in the silo are tightened in place and there is no missing or unfastened phenomenon;

6.2 After the silo installation is completed or when the silo is empty for a long time, the butterfly valve should be opened so that the dew formed inside the silo can slide down the silo wall and be discharged through the butterfly valve to prevent the material from agglomerating and blocking out during dusting. 

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