Common faults and handling methods of vertical axis mixer

Common faults and handling methods of vertical axis mixer

In the fault management of vertical concrete mixer, mixing system is one of the key equipment, which is mainly composed of mixing transmission device, storage tank, mixing device, feeding device, unloading device, wellbore end seal and unloading device.Other components.In the feeding device, it is mainly composed of a detection door, a spray pipe and a powder feeding port for collecting materials.The limit switch is installed on the test door. To protect personnel during maintenance, the whole mixer will stop working once the inspection door is opened.

Due to common failures of mixer, the main reasons are as follows: 

  1. The actual feed quantity exceeds the standard;
  2. The mixing ratio is unreasonable;
  3. Undervoltage;
  4. Misoperation;
  5. Transmission device is faulty or damaged;
  6. Control system component failure.

Therefore, when dealing with boring car faults, the machine residue check must be carried out first to ensure that it does not exceed 5%.If the clearance caused by the lining defect is too large, the residue is likely to increase.In the elimination method, replace the faulty blade or liner.The second is the mud leakage from the exhaust valve.The main problem is that the drain valve is loose and closed or the liner near the drain pipe is defective.First check each electromechanical equipment is normal, then check the cylinder block and replace the corresponding bushing.

In addition, common failure phenomena include: abnormal start of mixer, unstable operation of unloading door, tripping of mixer's filling port, abnormal noise of mixer, abnormal operation of mixer's host, and closing of mixer unload door without signal, etc.The current treatment is as follows:

  1. Replace the proximity switch of the same type.Hydraulic components: The hydraulic station is short of hydraulic oil, please replenish the hydraulic oil, adjust the pressure and check whether there are accumulated materials around the discharge door, should be cleaned in time.
  2. Timely adjust the tension of the driving belt, timely adjust the gap of the mixing knife, and replace the mixing knife if necessary.An emergency response plan should be developed.
  3. Timely check the loose protection cover and bearing problems;Check for oil compliance;Whether the protection ring A/B has friction.

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