Choose a Professional Batching Plant Manufacturer, don\’t be Fooled!

Choose a Professional Batching Plant Manufacturer, don\’t be Fooled!

Please choose a Professional Batching Plant Manufacturer, don't be Fooled

Recently a customer asked me that do we have a full automatic concrete mixer, which is used in the concrete batching plant. The anwser is yes. He showed us the mixing plant they bought in China two years ago and the mixer was semi-automatic. Semi-automatic mixers are tiring, because that some one has to be there all the time. 

However, to make matters worse, the client purchased the equipment from a trading company that did not specialize in the production of concrete batching plants. Therefore, the order has been confirmed without any guarantee of product quality,  after only two years of use, the mixer's shaft, blade, shaft end seal and other places have appeared serious wear and tear, and need to be replaced. Shaft is the main part of the mixer, the replacement process is very troublesome and time-consuming. 

This case is unusual for a manufacturer specializing in construction equipment. Here are some pictures of our equipments, specialized in this filed for more than 30 years, we have strict system in production and great capacity to ensure you with good quality, fast delivery and competitive price. Meanwhile, we can also customize our equipment according to your actual site and product requirements.

Therefore, professional things to professional manufacturers, which can save a lot of cost and time. At the same time, the quality of products and after-sales service will also be perfect.

If you have any needs of the concrete batching plant, just contact me anytime. Yasin Zhao, mob: +86 17637100666, emali:

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