China Horizontal cement silo 30t. 50t. 100t for Africa customer

China Horizontal cement silo 30t. 50t. 100t for Africa customer

China Horizontal cement silo 30t. 50t. 100t for Africa customer

The shape of the horizontal cement silo is a rectangular parallelepiped. The bottom is supported by several brackets. The overall height is not high. The horizontal cement silo is also a non-foundation cement silo, which is mainly used for mobile mixing plants and foundation-free concrete mixing plants.

1: The YCZG horizontal cement silo is easy to install and disassemble, and the hardened cement can be installed on a flat ground, eliminating the need for foundation and saving foundation costs. The installation cycle is short, which is convenient for frequent movement.

2. During transportation, the cement silo is to remove the outriggers, and the transportation height and width are not over the limit. A 6-meter double-bridge truck can be transported, and the cement silo can be recycled.

3. After installation, the overall height is low, and the overall length is long, suitable for the storage of various bulk materials such as cement, fly ash, and bentonite in the corridor.

4. A weighing sensor is installed at the bottom of the cement silo to accurately reflect the weight of the cement in the silo in real time. With the use of an intelligent pulping system, the cement can be automatically output after accurate weighing.

5. Cement is blown into the storage bin by wind through the feed pipe. As the pressure in the bin increases, the gas in the bin is filtered by the dust removal device and discharged from the air outlet, and the cement mixed in the gas is left in the cement bin. It is simple and does not pollute the environment.

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