Characteristics of hydraulic brick making machine

Characteristics of hydraulic brick making machine

 7 characteristics of hydraulic brick making machine:

1. Use fly ash, slag, stone powder, desulphurization ash, slag, gangue, phosphogypsum, tailing sand and other new wall materials.

2. Adopt computer control system, LCD touch screen to adjust parameters, equipped with data input and output devices to realize man-machine dialogue.

3, the computer control system has the self-locking function, the last action is not in place, the next action cannot be executed, to avoid the generation of false action, so as to avoid damage to the machine.And can realize the remote fault diagnosis through the telephone line.

4. The machine adopts thick wall square pipe and ultra-long guide sleeve to ensure the machine is firm and shock-resistant and the head moves.

5. Extremely low center of gravity, 486MM away from the ground, ensuring that 90% of aftershocks are introduced to the ground and extending the service life of the equipment.

6. Good synchronization.Adjustable synchronous swing arms are installed on the press head and stripper frame to ensure that the press head and stripper error is within +1MM.

7. Wide range of products.Equipped with secondary distributing equipment, it can simultaneously produce hollow block, multi-row hole rotation, hollow brick, kerb stone, split block, colored pavement brick, grass-planting brick, washed brick and other products.

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