Cement Silo for Sale in Philippines

Cement Silo for Sale in Philippines

Cement Silo

Silo is a sealed container designed for storing cement. The cement silo is a consumable tank when working in conjunction with the batching plant. Cement is transferred from the silo to the batcher by a screw conveyor, which eliminates dusting during the operation of the batching plant. Our cement silo is made of 5mm steel sheet.

  • 2 indicators of the filling level of the silo with sound signaling. The amount of cement in the silo will display on the monitor screen in the operator's cab.
  • The relief valve protects the silo from destruction, from excessive pneumatic pressure.
  • Manual butterfly valve, which is used to shut off the flow of cement from the silo into the hopper of the screw conveyor.

The set of the silo also includes ladders, a platform, a loading pipe required for the operation of the unit.

Cement Silo for Sale

Now, in Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, you can buy cement silos and other concrete mixing plant components from us at quite low freight. Our cement silo includes horizontal and vertical versions. The minimum size of a single silo is 30 tons whereas the maximum is 300 tons.

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