Carmix Mixer Low Price for Sale

Carmix Mixer Low Price for Sale

Carmix mixer is self loading concrete mixer, which is onsite weight controlled batching mobile mixer. It is an efficient concrete solution which can automatically fulfill the work of loading, mixing, transportation and unloading. Thus it can replace 4-6 workers and significantly cut the labor cost. The compact design makes it flexible in narrow and limited space.

YCZG's self loading concrete mixers are available in 1.2cbm, 1.6cbm, 2.0cbm, 2.6cbm, 3.0cbm, 3.5cbm and 4.0cbm to meet demands of various projects.

Carmix mixer widely used in Tunneling, Industrial structures, Urban Infrastructures, Hydro and Thermal Power, Irrigation and Canal, Curb Forming and other applications.

Advantages of self loading concrete mixer

  1. The compact design makes it flexible in narrow space and suitable for mountainous and country areas.
  2. Self loading concrete mixers adopt 4*4 driving system and off road tires which enable good pass-ability on rough terrains, thus it is widely used in various projects.
  3. High efficiency. The truck only takes 12 minutes to finish one batch of concrete. Its capacity is up to 200 cbm per day.

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