Buy Mini concrete batching plant

Buy Mini concrete batching plant

Mini concrete batching plant

The main advantages of mini-concrete batching plants:

Concrete is the main building material, no construction site can do without it. Its binding functions are provided by cement – This is the core component of the concrete mixture. Its best quality occurs when it hardens, but it only needs to be used in a solution.

Purchase concrete batching plant

In order to ensure a continuous construction process, concrete must be constantly prepared or transported by special machines – concrete mixer trucks. It is not very convenient to prepare a solution for small volumes. Besides, it is also not cheap to purchase it at a large concrete batching plant, arrange delivery or transport it on your own:

The cost of 1 m3 of concrete is 15 USD;

Car rental – 22 USD per hour;

Purchase of our own concrete mixer truck – 2,0000 USD.

In such a situation, the best solution would be tantamount to purchase a mini-concrete batching plant. It has huge advantages over scale lines:

Mobile concrete batching plant – can be easily transported and placed directly on the construction site.

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