Buy Concrete Batching Plant from China in Africa

Buy Concrete Batching Plant from China in Africa

Concrete Batching Plant from China have many advatanges than european brands, the price, the cost performance, installation time and so on. If you want to buy concrete batching plant from China, We YCZG Machinery is your best choice. I'd like to introduce to you how to visit China to buy a concrete batching plant.

The fact is that the batching plant is a complex mechanism, with many different configurations and options that can be added to the structure or removed from it at the request of the customer. If you want to buy batching plant, the arrival of your engineer at the manufacturer's factory is a prerequisite for this.

When you arrive, you will have the opportunity to meet with our engineers discuss in detail the configuration of the batching plant you need, and make it as convenient as possible for your working conditions.

Perhaps when you come and see the whole range of products and the capabilities of the batching plant, you will have some new wishes for the products you want to purchase.

I’ll briefly try to outline what your trip will consist of.

  1. You need to make a tourist visa to China, any travel company in your city can do this for you.
  2. You need to buy a ticket (round trip) to Zhengzhou (Can transfer in Beijing or Shanghai).
  3. Send a copy of your passport by e-mail so that you can pre-book a hotel room.
  4. Upon arrival in Zhengzhou, you will be met by a company representative and will accommodate you in a hotel (double room $ 50 per day). If you do not plan any excursions, then a day will be enough for you: in the morning the driver will take you to the company office, where you will discuss a plan for your further activities.
  5. At the factory, you meet with engineers and discuss all issues related to the acquisition of this Batching Plant as well as its configuration.
  6. At the end of all these events, you can be accommodated in the same hotel, before the arrival of your plane. If you wish to stay in China for non-business matters (shopping or excursions), we can provide you with an interpreter for a reasonable price.

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