How to buy a small concrete batching plant

How to buy a small concrete batching plant

Small concrete batching plant are used to produce concrete on a small scale and can be configured according to the needs of the user. They are complete, well constructed, cost effective, easy to control and have a wide range of applications. The advantages of small concrete mixing plants are described in detail below.

Advantages of a small concrete batching plant

Wide range of application

Concrete mixing plants have a wide range of applications, and small concrete mixing plants have an even wider range of applications. Many commercial concrete mixing plants are equipped with a small concrete mixing plant to produce other types of concrete at the same time.

Low configuration and simple operation

As most of the concrete produced by small concrete mixing plants is used by the users themselves, the number of components such as cement silos, batching machine silos and admixture tanks is relatively small, which saves costs and makes the operation relatively simple.

Good mixing performance

The small concrete mixing plant adopts the JS series double horizontal shaft forced mixer, which has high mixing uniformity and high productivity, and can complete the mixing of dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete within the ideal time.

Easy handling

The number of equipment in a small mixing plant is relatively small compared to that of a commercial concrete mixing plant, and the area occupied by the plant is much smaller than that of a commercial concrete mixing plant. At the construction site, the placement is much more selective. At the same time, the small concrete mixing plant adopts a combined structure and modular units, which makes it easy to install and relocate, and is very suitable for the rural market where transportation is difficult.

small concrete batching plant


How to buy a small concrete batching plant

In recent years, small concrete batching plant have become popular with users because of their low cost and ease of use. How can you tell the difference between good and bad equipment when buying a small batching plant? Today we will discuss some of these tips.

  1. During the welding process, carefully check the welding of the key parts of the small concret batching plant equipment. If the welding is not good, it will lead to safety accidents and cause great losses to users.
  2.  The design of the small concrete batching plant, most customers think that the composition of the small concrete batching plant is very simple, in fact, it is not, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, part of the equipment has been removed, the user does not pay attention to the purchase of equipment, there are many problems in the production process…
  3. The control system of small BSU equipment, the central control system, problems arise, the equipment is all reserved. Customers will not repair, the need for manufacturers to send people, which affects the production of customers, so it is important to choose a good management system.
  4. In the material of small batching plant equipment, pay attention to the thickness of the steel plate, especially the steel of the metering equipment, bad material, easy to cause deformation, affecting the production and use process.
  5. The choice of accessories is one of the main factors affecting the quality of small concrete compartment equipment, such as sensors, belts, cylinders, gearboxes, seals, air compressors and other accessories. It is best to choose a well-known brand.

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