Brief introduction of clay blocks and concrete blocks

Brief introduction of clay blocks and concrete blocks

Clay bricks, also known as sintered bricks, are small artificial blocks used in construction. Clay bricks are made of clay (including powders such as shale and coal gangue) as the main raw material and are processed, shaped, dried and roasted. The difference between solid and hollow.

Divided by porosity: solid bricks (bricks with no porosity or porosity less than 25%), porous bricks (a porosity equal to or greater than 25%), bricks with a small hole size and a large number, often used in load-bearing parts, with a higher strength level high. Hollow bricks (a brick with a porosity equal to or greater than 40%, a large hole size and a small number, usually used in non-load-bearing parts, and the strength level is low).

Concrete bricks are made of cement, aggregates, admixtures, admixtures, etc. added as needed, mixed with water, shaped, and cured. It is mainly used for masonry walls. In recent years, it has become increasingly widely used. Concrete bricks are non-burning bricks, which not only protect the environment, but also save resources.

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