Brick Making Machine and Block Making Plant for Sale

Brick Making Machine and Block Making Plant for Sale

Block making machines are machines that can produce concrete blocks using pressure and vibration, but why are they called a brick making machine?

This is because it produces solid blocks also called concrete bricks as well as the other blocks.

So we can see that both brick making machines and block making machines are the same machine with different molds.

Block making machines are capable of producing concrete blocks with a height between 5cm to 25cm. In bigger machines, this is changed to 2cm up to 40cm.

The block making machines are produced in different types and automation levels, below you can see some samples of the machines:

Mobile brick laying machine:

This machine is suitable for small projects that only wish to produce hollow blocks, solid blocks, and small curbstones.

The brick laying machine price is cheaper than other machines, but consider that the molds available for this machine are limited. This machine also doesn't need pallets to produce the concrete blocks.

The production capacity of the mobile brick laying machine is between 2250 to 3500 standard concrete blocks.

If you are entering the block making business with a low budget, this machine is perfect for you. For further information, you can read the original article ''brick laying machine''.

Stationary block making machines:

The stationary block making machines are produced in a different range of capacities and automation levels.

Semi-automatic brick making machine:

These machines the smallest stationary machines with cheap prices. The advantage of these machines is that you can produce almost any type of concrete block that you wish. If you are living in a country with low labor cost then this machine is designed for you. With 7 workers you can run your plant and produce between 4000 up to 8000 pieces of standard blocks in one shift. We have installed this machine in Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia, Gabon, and some other countries.

Automatic brick making machine:

Automatic brick making machines require 5 workers for the whole plant. With loader and unloader robots you can manage your products better. If you are looking for a plant with high production capacity and a suitable price you can choose the automatic type. For further information, you can read the main article ''Automatic Brick Making Machine''.

Fully automatic block making machine:

Fully automatic machines are designed for countries with the highest labor costs. If you are living in a country like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, European countries, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other developed countries and you wish to run your plant with 2 workers you can choose this machine. The table below is a comparison of different types of machines.

Brick And Block Making Machine Price

YCZG offers different types of concrete block making machines if you are interested in brick and block making machines price you can see some samples in the table below. For more options and special campaigns, you can contact our sales department. The contact information is at the end of this article.

Buying A Brick And Block Making Machine

To buy a brick making machine, first, you need to decide about the capacity of your machine. Then based on your country and budget, you can decide about the automation level of your machine.

The site preparation should also be prepared. Water and electricity should be provided, cement and aggregates should be provided as well for the production line.

YCZG company installs the machine for free. The land you choose for this business needs to be at least 1500 m².

To choose the best machine you need to consult with an expert who has experience in this field of business. With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing brick and block making machines and installing them in different countries, we suggest you visit our factory to make sure about the quality of the machines. YCZG offers free installation, commissioning, and 2 years of guarantee free of charge.

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