Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

An asphalt mixing plant is a facility for the production and sale of hot asphalt mixes, which are used for road construction, landscaping and construction. We YCZG supply equipment for the production of asphalt concrete: mobile asphalt plants, asphalt mixers, press filters, silos, aggregate batchers, conveyor belts, road equipment, etc. In addition to equipment, from us you can buy spare parts for asphalt mixing plant with delivery from China to any city in Africa.

The asphalt plant prepara the bitumen, crushed stone, sand and additives with feeding into the mixer in the prescribed dosages and their subsequent mixing. In addition to a mixer, an asphalt concrete mixing plant may include receivers of materials and bitumen, a heating unit for active substances, equipment for unloading an asphalt mixer, boiler or power plants, warehouses and silos, a compressor station, etc.

The asphalt mixing plant is the main production enterprise of the road and construction industry, which is engaged in the production of asphalt concrete and bitumen mixtures. The mobile plant can be equipped not only with equipment for the production of asphalt and concrete, but also with utilization and recycling plants, special vehicles, and additional automation. With our equipment, you will be able to establish and expand the production of products by the plant.

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