Analysis of the advantages and components of mobile concrete batching plants

Analysis of the advantages and components of mobile concrete batching plants

The mobile concrete batching plant is a concrete batching plant developed according to the actual needs of users who need to transfer frequently, short construction periods and long construction lines. It is identical to the fixed fully automatic mixing plant in terms of operation, maintenance and repair.

Advantages of the mobile concrete mixing plant.

1. The compact structure of the mobile batching plant concentrates almost all the processes of concrete production on the trailer-mounted unit.

2. The human-machine operation interface is user-friendly, the work performance is reliable and it can still operate stably under various harsh environments.

3、The mobile batching plant adopts double horizontal twin Shaft Concrete Mixer, with strong continuous running capability, comprehensive mixing track, powerful mixing movement and fast and even mixing.

4. The complete set of equipment of the mobile mixing plant can be transported to the construction site and assembled in place quickly by means of a full trailer, so that the plant can be constructed without commissioning.

5. High degree of automation, strong mobility, simple operation and good stability.

6、Strong structure, compact and reasonable space layout, ensuring flexibility and production capacity at the same time.

7. The mobile mixing plant occupies very little space and is easy to move around, thus reducing the amount of foundation work.

Components of a mobile concrete mixing plant?

1. Chassis: The cantilevered chassis of the main mixing plant contains the towing pins of the trailer truck and the parking legs; the chassis is equipped with the mixer, cement and water admixture weighing scales; the surrounding inspection platform and railing are attached.

2. Control room: The control room is located at the bottom of the main chassis and contains the fully automatic control system for the mixing plant, which is used as the front support point for the whole plant when in working condition and is stored in the inner space of the support when in transit; all control lines do not need to be dismantled.

3. PLD Batching Machine: this system is located at the rear end of the whole plant, the upper part is the aggregate (sand and stone) storage hopper, which can be divided into 2 or 4 compartments and equipped with a heightened plate to increase the storage capacity. The bottom part is equipped with a walking rear axle and a working frame leg.

4. Peripheral parts: cement silo and screw conveyor, the peripheral parts are integral parts whether working or transporting, no need to dismantle and therefore can be transported and disassembled as a whole.

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