All-Season Concrete Batching Plant

All-Season Concrete Batching Plant

In most territory of the Frigid zone, the duration of cold weather is more than 100 days. The concrete batching plant is capable of production concrete at a minimum temperature of + 5℃. Today, most construction organizations are working all year round, this greatly increases the competitiveness of the company.

In contrast to the concrete batching plant of standard configuration, the concrete batching plant of all-season design is fully adapted to work in winter conditions, which makes it possible to work stably at -30℃.

All-Season Concrete Batching Plant is equipped with the following systems for operation at low temperatures: 1, Sandwich panels for covering the metal structure. 2, Special metal structure to protect the concrete batching plant from external influences. 3, A steam generator that heats the internal premises of the plant, as well as maintains a constant temperature of inert materials and water, which the batching plant uses in the production cycle.

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