Aggregate bins in the batching plant for sale

Aggregate bins in the batching plant for sale

Aggregate bin consists of two long channels (or I-beams) of size 14-20 of the desired length (depending on the number and size of the hopper under which the conveyor is mounted), interconnected by short sections of channel size 10-12. Along the entire length of the channels, racks for attaching the conveyor belt rollers are welded. The rollers should be able to be easily replaced, so they are a mechanism with increased friction.

At the ends (along the length of the channel) are mounted bearing units for attaching the tension drum and drive. The drive drum through the clutch is connected to the gearbox, which in turn is connected to the electric drive. It is through the drive drum that traction is transmitted from the engine to the belt, which is why it is called drive. The tension drum serves to pull the conveyor belt, and has a special mechanism for this. In addition to these main structural parts, the conveyor must also have sides to prevent the spillage of bulk material, sand and gravel.

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