Advice to buy a Stationary Concrete Pumps

Advice to buy a Stationary Concrete Pumps

Concrete pumps are necessary for supplying flowing concrete to the job site during the construction of concrete structures, as well as reinforced concrete buildings. Concrete can be supplied both horizontally and vertically. These are mobile or stationary types. The stationary concrete pump is very convenient to use, since the concrete mix can be fed without any difficulty in almost all possible positions in space, which is possible in the boom access area, thanks to the articulated mechanism. The stationary concrete pump is designed in the form of a trailer, it can deliver concrete higher and in large volumes. In particular, using a stationary concrete pump, you can feed concrete to a great height, up to 100 meters, and in the horizontal direction – up to 300 meters.

It’s quite easy to buy a stationary concrete pump at this time, modern manufacturers offer a lot of units, among which there are both stationary and concrete pumps of both domestic and foreign production. The model of the required concrete pump you can purchase specifically for your needs and the scale of construction. We recommend buying it from well-known manufacturers. 

When purchasing a concrete pump, carefully read not only the requirements that it meets, but also the description of the conditions in which it is recommended to use this model of concrete pump. For example, some concrete pumps are designed to work in off-road conditions, and some cannot be used when working where there is no smooth road or construction site.

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