Advantages of HZS60 concrete batching plant of YCZG

Advantages of HZS60 concrete batching plant of YCZG

The HZS60 concrete batching plant produced by YCZG has the following five advantages:

1. Easy installation

The overall of HZS60 batching plant is beautiful and generous. It adopts modular design and is easy to install and disassemble. Each repair and maintenance part has a platform or ladder. The main unit is cleaned with a high-pressure pump cleaning device, which has good maintenance performance.

2. Accurate measurement

Aggregate adopts high measurement accuracy; the ingredients of cement, fly ash, water and liquid admixture are all measured by electronic scales, and the ingredients accuracy is high.

3. Fast loading

The slanting belt conveyor is adopted for the lifting of aggregate in HZS60 concrete batching plant, which has the advantages of long conveying distance, large transportation volume, continuous conveying, fast feeding, etc., and reliable operation, easy to realize automation and centralized control, and convenient disassembly and assembly.

4. Environmental protection

All powder materials are in a closed state during the process of transportation, metering and delivery. All parts of the dust discharge are equipped with reliable performance and stable transmission transmission mechanisms to effectively reduce noise; the main mixing building and belt conveyor are all environmentally friendly packaging, which further reduces Dust and noise pollution.

5. Easy to control

Advanced control system, YCZG HZS60 concrete plant adopts the world's most advanced batching control instruments, the batching is accurate and stable, the calculation method is advanced, and the error is effectively controlled; it has a fault diagnosis system that can guide and help users to troubleshoot; storage and recall of recipes Flexible and flexible, you can call any formula at any time.

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