Advantage of YCZG boom pump used in Africa

Advantage of YCZG boom pump used in Africa

We YCZG Machinery Co. have sold many boom pump truck in Africa, which has many advantages in the construcation site.

High safety coefficient: Stepper motor imported from America and drive to control the engine speed.

Choose the best quality materials of boom pump: Import the 900steel plate from Austria. Strength is three times than the 16Mn.

More intelligent operation to Africa local condition: The control system has the function of engine remote flame out. You can start or stop the engine work according to the working condition;Remote control can regulate the amount of pumping concrete; Remote control can realize the function of the communication; Remote control can also adjust the engine speed according to the construction requirement.

High design standard of YCZG: X leg, the car body is shot and the stability is goo. The supporting leg can be unfolded out in a narrow space. Use the computer closed loop control the motor speed to make the motor on-demand supply to make your car save every drop of oil pump.

International purchase, more high stability performance high cost-efficiency: HBC wireless remote control device imported from Germany can remote boom position accurately; Strain transfer case and Germany rexroth or Korea pump; Oil proportional multi-way valve import from Germany Hawe, Italy or Taiwan; Valve group import from Rexroth, Sunny Eaton; All import components of electric cabinet, PLC,and other control modules are Germany's Siemens product.

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