About YCZG mobile concrete batching plant you should know

About YCZG mobile concrete batching plant you should know

Yicheng mobile concrete batching plant is a new type supporting and hanging mobile concrete mixing equipment, which is directly designed to the users who have a short construction period, construction grows and frequent transitions. It is easy to install and has a high degree of automation.In addition,it’s structure is new and unique,and this type of machine can cover small area and save the space.

This machine’s performance has adopt a number of new technologies, based on experience at domestic and foreign. Its measurement is accurate and reliable, and the result of mixing is uniform and efficient.It’s transportation is rapid and clean.

Features and Benefits:

1. Rapidly and easily to assemble and disassemble, conveniently to transport. All of the cable connection don't need to be unloaded, except the external equipment such as screw conveyor and cement silo, etc.

2. The performance of mixing is perfect. It adopts twin-shaft concrete mixer to make the concrete mixing equally in shortest time.For different mixture radios of dry concrete, semi-dry concrete, or plastic concrete, it can make the mixing result excellent.

3. Top-quality configuration, high reliability, accurate measurement, easy operation. The main electric components on concrete mixer reducers, scale and control system are imported brands, which can reduce the failure rate and increase the scale accurate of the equipment.

Working principles:  

Mobile concrete batching plant consists of aggregate loading system, electric auto-measurement system. The core of the whole system is the auto-measurement controlled by computer, which will operate the feeding quantity of cement, sand, gravel, keep the mixture ratio of concrete strictly and ensure the production quality.

The system works by high-tech of mechanical and electrical integration, establish the auto-running of electronic weighing and feeding trolley and chain procedures. It will also effectively organize the general used machinery in the construction enterprises,such as the concrete mixer, engineering vehicles, belt conveyors, etc.

Yicheng mobile concrete mixing plant is best optimization models for mobile construction, such as highway, bridge, port,electricity and water projects.It has the advantages of easy operate and move.

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