1m³ self loading concrete mixer for sale south africa

1m³ self loading concrete mixer for sale south africa

The Self Loading Concrete Mixer(carmix) is designed for concrete production in the construction of low-rise residential buildings, cottages, foundations, as well as for concreting floors and platforms. The machine has an all-wheel drive transmission, with the possibility of a crab course and a weight distribution system, providing high traffic and maneuverability.

Basic properties

  1. Concrete output per 1 batch is 1 m3, the mixer is able to produce 5 batch cycles per hour, and the electronic weighing system allows accurate dosage of materials.
  2. Equipped with a hydraulic loading bucket for loading materials into the drum. Loading is done from the front, which allows the machine operator to fully control the process.
  3. The loading of raw materials into the drum is carried out by a mechanical bucket. Concrete is unloaded on four sides and up to two meters high.
  4. Equipped with built-in strong steel water tanks. Tanks can be filled with water from any source.

Advantages of using slef loading concrete mixers

1. produce concrete yourself, not need to buy a concrete plant, you can be sure of its quality and not depend on the delivery time.

2. Save on staff salaries, fuel and lubricants, fuel, depreciation of concrete mixer trucks, their service and maintenance.

3. There are no costs for waiting for the loading queue, costs for late delivery of concrete to the facility and losses in violation of the construction production cycle.

4. You get concrete of the grade you need at any time according to your production cycle and in the volume you need.

5. The CARMIX concrete mixer will be a faithful assistant in any construction site, while it is very compact and low-cost in maintenance.

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